Welcome - We specialise in Technical Modelling & Visualisation. We develop digital 3D CAD models and adapt existing data for our customers. We create content for visuals, animations and interactive media as well as working on 3D data for physical models and prototypes.

We’ve worked with leading brands in the Energy, Engineering and Automotive sectors, helping to develop new products, visualise complex systems and manage 3D data for a variety of uses.

Services we offer:

  • CAD modelling
  • Image and animation production
  • Geometryshop - Hire our own 3D Models for your next project
  • High resolution image development
  • Large format GMG proofing for print

Geometryshop is a new development for us - Here, we offer production services using our own generic pre-bulit models. This helps to save significant time and production cost. Several of our models are complimented by animated clips and illustrations produced with them. These are also available to license individually.

If a particular model, clip or illustration would suit your next project, why not get in touch. Our models are flexible and can be efficiently adapted to suit individual project needs. See our geometryshop page for more details.

Geometryshop Aims:

  • To speed up production using high quality pre-built models
  • To offer technically credible detail
  • To offer flexible adaptation to individual requirements
  • License costs significantly lower than a bespoke model
  • Rendered clips and illustrations add further flexibility


For further information, get in touch here. The difference is detail!