Project Description:

This project was part of a multi-agency collaboration to showcase the partnership between Shell and Ferrari at Ferrari’s Galleria Museum (now Museo Ferrari).

Intended for educational purposes, several animations were produced by Shell’s Creative Services team. The sequences formed part of an interactive experience for Museum visitors, focused on the Fuel and Lubricant roles played in high performance engines. We were asked to assist with data preparation, setup and scene development.

Ferrari provided data for two engines - We worked with this material, creating stand-in components where certain information was unavailable.

We created cut-away sections through the models, plus an exhaust system for the race engine, fitting these to the original data.

We built custom control rigs to simplify engine animation. These were designed to co-ordinate the motion of crank, pistons, cams, valves, belts and timing chains against engine speed. We then produced concept renderings which were used to help steer visual development.

Shown above are two frames from one of the finished interactive presentations and one of the concept renderings we produced, used as a basis for the final sequences.

The rigs were designed to allow the engine kinematics to function accurately...